Will the Chip Crisis Affect Togg Price Negatively?

The latest developments about the domestic electric car Togg are followed closely. Some concerns have been raised about the Togg, which will come off the mass production line at the end of 2022. What will be the price of Togg if the chip crisis, which negatively affects the automotive industry all over the world, continues? Will there be a slowdown in Togg production?

Important statements came from Albert Saydam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), about Togg and the chip crisis, which is widely spoken on social media. Evaluating the chip crisis in terms of Togg, Saydam said, “I predict that Togg investment will not be affected much by this chip crisis. The notifications are that preliminary agreements have been made for the chips needed.” used the phrases.

Supply and Chip Crisis in Automotive Will Continue

Stating that the global chip crisis in the automotive industry will continue this year, Albert Saydam said that the world is currently focusing on the Russia-Ukraine war. TAYSAD President Saydam also emphasized that production, supply chain and economic negativities could be experienced due to the war. Since the healthy progress of supply chains in the automotive industry is very important, all decisions in the industry are based on data.

It is very important to sell a vehicle abroad or to earn 1 dollar more in terms of export to the country. Albert Saydam, who made statements on this subject, said that in case of such losses due to the war, the automotive industry would be adversely affected, while regarding the chip crisis, “The main constraint, the production of the chip itself, seems to be met only with the investments made at the moment. The European Union has recently announced an investment. Perhaps this will be useful information to understand the extent of the situation. said.

Electric Vehicles Require 3 Times More Chips

Saydam noted that if an average gasoline vehicle uses 1000 chips, the number of chips needed in electric cars rises to 3 thousand, “At 1-2 months ago, a world-renowned electric vehicle manufacturer launched its vehicles without a charging unit due to the absence of chips. Those chips are about to be installed when it’s in service and the chips are available.” said. TAYSAD President also noted that Togg will not be adversely affected by the chip crisis in the supply chain and that an abnormal situation in its price will not be expected.

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