Why TOGG did not attend the car fair in Munich, the authorities explained

Automobile journalist Emre Özpeynirci shared with her readers the answer she received when asking TOGG officials the question of why Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) did not attend the motor show in Munich.

The car fair, which was suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic in Munich, Germany, was held again after 2 years. Important names in the sector from many parts of the world attended the fair.

Journalist Emre Özpeynirci, one of the important names of the automotive industry from Turkey, was among those who followed the fair closely. While Özpeynirci was writing about what he experienced and saw, why didn’t TOGG attend the car fair in Munich, which everyone wondered about? asked the question.

TOGG will not be at classic auto shows

Expressing that he was surprised that TOGG, whose production will start at the end of 2022, did not take part in this important fair, Özpeynirci conveyed the response of TOGG officials in his article. Stating that TOGG officials said, “Exhibition participation will be in question from next year,” Özpeynirci said, “Does this mean attending one of the Geneva or Paris motor fairs in 2022?” He got the following answer to the question:

“It’s hard to say anything from today, but our CEO Gürcan Karakaş has stated several times that we will not be at classic auto shows. It will be clear where we will attend soon”

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