Who Will Produce TOGG Battery?

The manufacturer of the Togg battery has become one of the frequently researched topics shortly before Togg’s release. Consumers, industry representatives and investors, who are excitedly waiting for the domestic and innate electric car to come to traffic, are wondering who has touched the battery of the vehicle.

The automotive industry, which has been trying to cope with problems such as the upward movements of the economic markets and the coronavirus epidemic causing the chip crisis for a long time, witnessed the change in both consumer and producer habits. The exorbitant pricing of spare parts, extended production processes due to the chip crisis, and finally the fuel prices, which reached record levels with the Russia-Ukraine war, caused manufacturers and consumers to give up on vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The fact that the factors that directly affect the automotive industry have been felt more and more recently, has led to the increasing share of electric cars in the market. In the long term, electric car models, which are more profitable than gasoline and diesel vehicles, have managed to increase their popularity with their different designs and performances day by day.

Turkey was also included in these positive developments regarding the electric car. Turkey, which prepared the domestic and innate electric vehicle to the market with the Togg company, which was established a few years ago, made a great impression both in the domestic and foreign press with the domestic vehicle with superior performance.

Shortly before the Togg hit the road, the vehicle’s features began to be investigated more frequently. Consumers and investors, who are interested in Togg and want to have an idea about the domestic vehicle, first started researching to find out who produced the battery used in the production of Togg.

The Togg battery, which is one of the topics that has been frequently researched in search engines recently, has come to light with the statements made by authorized names before. Authorities announced that the battery of the domestic vehicle will be produced by the Siro company, which was established in partnership with Togg and Chinese energy giant Farasis.

Where Will the Togg Battery Be Produced?

The production site of the Togg battery was another topic that was frequently questioned in search engines. According to the statements made, the company named Siro, which will produce Togg’s battery, will start battery production at the Gemlik Facility. Thus, Togg’s legendary factory will be able to finish production from monopoly.

Who Is The Togg Engine Manufactured By?

The manufacturer of the Togg engine is as curious as the manufacturer of its battery. It is frequently questioned which hand has touched the engine that powers the vehicle, which has been announced to have high performance.

Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, who gave important information about Togg’s battery and engine in his previous statements, said that it does not make sense to produce the engine of the domestic vehicle by the company in the first place, and therefore the engine was purchased from Bosch, the name that does this job best. had stated.

Which Model Will Togg Produce First?

The first model Togg will produce is frequently in the headlines in both the domestic and foreign press. The company will first be presented to consumers with the C segment SUV model. After that, production work will begin for the sedan model of the vehicle.

When Will Togg Go into Mass Production?

The date of mass production of Togg started to come up frequently in these days when the Gemlik Factory was completed. According to the official statements, the domestic vehicle will start mass production with the Gemlik Facility, which will be opened on October 29.

When Will Togg Be Released to Traffic?

A clear date has not yet been given about the release date of Togg. Authorities reported that the Togg will be in traffic in the first three months of 2023, right after mass production.

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