Who Made the Togg Logo?

The design of the Togg logo began to be questioned in a short time after the mass production of domestic automobiles. It was a matter of curiosity what the logo meant and by whom it was designed.

Founded in 2019, the company introduced its preview vehicles to both our country and other world countries on 27 December 2019. In addition to the exterior and interior designs of the vehicles, Togg’s logo also attracted great attention during the promotion. Togg, who wanted to capture and reveal a unique style with every detail from A to Z, on the way that he started with the motto of “journey to innovation”, made important explanations about its logo.

Suggestions were received from both domestic and global agencies for the logos of domestic and innate electric cars. The logo suggestions made were voted on, and after the voting, the brand agency CGH, which designs the logos of important brands both in our country and in other countries, managed to get more votes against its competitors and undertook the logo design of Togg.


The meaning of Togg’s logo is frequently wondered by citizens, companies and other foreign country officials who are closely interested in Togg. The meaning of the logo, designed by the world-famous brand agency CGH, is as important as its visuality.

According to the statements made by Togg officials regarding the company’s logo, the two arrows in the logo and the precious stone in the middle of the arrows represent the coming together of the West and the East.

Another meaning of Togg’s logo focuses on the company’s mobility solutions. According to the logo explanations, it is tried to be explained that the logo, mobility solution technologies and the human being are brought together at the cutting point of today and tomorrow.


The registration process of the logo was also among the curious ones about Togg. After the cars introduced with the preview in 2019, the registration work for Togg’s logo started. According to the statements made during that period, all necessary registration procedures for Togg’s logo were initiated in the USA, European Union, Russia, Azerbaijan, China, Turkish Republics and in our country.

The logo registration process has been completed for Togg, which is now counting the days with excitement to start mass production.


Togg and the Togg logo, which were announced to the whole world in line with the statements of Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, made a great impression at that time. Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, who made important statements in the first days of Togg’s introduction, used the following expressions: “After a logo design process involving global and domestic brand agencies, “conformity to Togg’s brand value”, “registration” and “authenticity” criteria are the best.

We chose the logo that provided the way. We started the registration process for our logo in the European Union, China, USA, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and the Turkish Republics. He nurtured the idea of ​​creating an emotional and rational balance between the West and the East with the theme of duality in our logo. In addition, the logo emphasized that the company is a company that brings technology and people together at the intersection of tomorrow and today, thanks to mobility solutions that make life easier.”


The latest developments of Togg are being wondered by citizens and other industry representatives waiting for the vehicle to be included in the market. The domestic automobile, which has successfully completed all the stages without going beyond the planning, continues its preparations at the Gemlik Facility. The domestic car, which will start trial production in the near future, is expected with excitement.


Togg’s release date has been announced as the first three months of 2023. The domestic car will go into mass production at the end of this year.

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