Where is TOGG Factory?

The location of the Togg factory is frequently searched by domestic and foreign consumers and other industry representatives who want to have information about the production process of the domestic automobile. The domestic company, whose groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2020, started the countdown to start operating after a 4-year period.

A construction start ceremony was held on July 18, 2020 for the Togg factory in Gemlik district of Bursa province. Since then, the factory, which has been tried to be ready for the production of domestic and innate electric vehicles, was set to be completed in June 2022. In these days when July is about to be completed, it is frequently questioned whether the target set for the completion of the Togg factory has been achieved.

Is Togg Factory Complete?

The end date of the Togg factory is eagerly awaited by consumers, industry representatives and other foreign media outlets who want to be informed about the developments in the domestic automobile. Announcing that the paint shop and assembly area is about to be completed in the past months, Togg made another post to satisfy the curiosities.

The Togg Gemlik Factory, whose construction ceremony was held in 2020, was planned to be completed in June 2022 and to start trial production by the end of July. As a matter of fact, the planning was not exceeded and the domestic company announced the completion of the Gemlik Facility.

Togg Shared On Twitter!

Togg’s Twitter post received tens of thousands of likes and comments in a short time. The domestic company, which frequently shares its official Twitter account, published a new post two days ago. The company has published a long video that includes the developments in the construction process of the factory and the final state of the factory since July 18, 2020. Togg made the following note in the video he shared: “The countdown to trial production has begun. Now is the time to prepare for trial production in Gemlik. Here are the works of New League Gemlik for 2 years…”

How Big Is the Togg Factory?

The size of the Togg factory is wondered by millions of citizens waiting for the vehicle to go into mass production. According to the previous statements, it was reported that the area where Togg’s Gemlik Facility was established is 1.2 million square meters. It was announced that the size of the closed area of ​​the factory is 230 thousand square meters.

Test Track at Togg Factory!

The test track of the Togg factory continued to be talked about on television and other media for a long time. The construction of the test track, which was established for the speed tests of the vehicle, was completed and opened for use. The test track, which was built in the same region for the domestic car, is 1.6 kilometers long.

How Togg Trial Productions Will Be Made?

The trial production of Togg is eagerly awaited by everyone. The robots, which started their partial trial production at the end of May, showed that everything is ready for the transition phase to trial production. Togg’s trial production will be done mostly with robots and 208 robots will take part in the production. 3 minutes will be allocated for each vehicle in the band.

When Will Togg Go into Mass Production?

The date when Togg will go into mass production is eagerly awaited by consumers and other authorities who want to own the vehicle. According to the latest official statements, Togg will start mass production with the Gemlik Facility, which will be opened on October 29.

When Will Togg Be Released to Traffic?

The date Togg will be released to traffic has already been a matter of curiosity. If there is no problem in trial production and mass production is started on the planned date, Togg will be in traffic with the C segment SUV model in the first three months of 2023.

Has Togg’s Sale Price Been Announced?

The price of Togg has not yet been announced. CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş announced that the price of Togg will be determined by the market.

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