Where Are Togg Parts Made?

The production sites of Togg parts continue to be frequently investigated by industry representatives and other citizens who are closely interested in the new vehicle, which has been announced as “domestic and national”.

The domestic car Togg, which has been on the agenda recently, brings many questions behind it. Announced as the first vehicle produced with domestic and national resources, Togg, which has been the subject of many researches with the expansion of the electric car market recently, draws attention to whether its parts are produced in Turkey or elsewhere.

It is known that some of Togg’s parts are produced abroad and in this context, partnership agreements were signed with foreign companies with the establishment of the company. According to the official statements made so far, the engine of the domestic vehicle was produced by the German Bosch, the chassis systems by the British Myra, the German engineering firm EDAG for vehicle integration, and the battery by the Siro company, which was established by the China-Turkey partnership.

Has Togg’s Native Rate Been Announced?

The locality rate of Togg started to be investigated frequently after it was learned that important parts of the vehicle were not produced by Turkey. The share of foreign partnerships in the production of the vehicle, which was the subject of debates in the Parliament for a while, became a matter of curiosity.

According to the official statements made in the past days, it was learned that Togg, which was introduced as “domestic and national”, has a local rate of 51 percent. The fact that the domesticity rate of the vehicle, which has been introduced as domestic for a long time, is so low, disappointed both the sector representatives and the other citizens who were impatiently waiting for the domestic vehicle to come to the market.

Who Owns Togg?

The owner of the company Togg has become one of the frequently asked titles regarding the domestic company in search engines. It was a matter of curiosity whether there were foreign names in the partners of the domestic automobile, of which 49 percent was produced by foreign companies.

According to the official statement, Togg company is not managed by a single person. The shareholders of the company, which is frequently on the agenda with the statements of CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, and the share ratios owned by the partners are explained as follows:

Anadolu Group: 23 percent
Turkcell: 23 percent
BMC: 23 percent
Zorlu Holding: 23 percent
TOBB: 8 percent

Where Is Togg’s Factory?

Togg’s factory location is another topic that is frequently questioned in search engines. Industry representatives, local and foreign press, and ordinary citizens who wonder where the vehicle’s production location is, continue to question where the Togg factory is.

Established in 2018, Togg company built a factory on a land in Gemlik district of Bursa for the production of domestic vehicles. Togg will be produced at this factory.

When Will Togg Go into Mass Production?

Togg’s transition date to mass production has been one of the frequently asked topics in these days when the electric car market is starting to revive. It continues to be questioned whether the domestic car, which came to the fore with the test stages before, has completed all the stages, and whether the date of transition to mass production has been clarified.

According to the official statements, the domestic car Togg will start mass production at the Gemlik Factory, whose construction has been completed. The factory, which has been working on trial production with robots recently, will be officially opened on October 29. The mass production of the domestic car will have started as of that date.

When Will Togg Be Available?

The date that Togg will be put on sale was another topic that was most curious about the domestic automobile. Consumers and other citizens, who believe that electric cars are more profitable in the long run after the increasing fuel prices, are wondering when they can buy Togg.

Togg is not yet available for pre-sale. According to the information received, the domestic car, which will go into mass production at the end of 2022, will be on the road in the first three months of 2023. At that time, it will be possible to buy Togg.

With Which Model Will Togg Be Released First?

Togg’s first model continues to be eagerly awaited. The first vehicle of the series, which consists of 5 different products, will be the C segment SUV model. Serial production will also start with this model.

Has Togg’s Sale Price Been Announced?

The selling price of Togg has not yet been announced. Making statements in the past days, CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated that the domestic automobile sales price will be determined by the market.

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