When Will Togg Go On Sale?

When Togg will go on sale, it is frequently investigated by both vehicle enthusiasts in our country and citizens of other countries who are familiar with domestic automobiles. Consumers in search of an electric car are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the date when the born electric car Togg, which is produced with domestic and national facilities, will be released to traffic.

In line with the statements made so far, it was noted that Togg will enter mass production at the end of the year, and then it will be in traffic in the first three months of 2023.

What’s the Latest Situation in Togg?

Togg developments are followed closely by everyone. The company, which frequently shares about the production stages and other developments of the domestic automobile, continues to announce important information to the public about when the domestic automobile will be released and at what stage it is currently in production through its official accounts.

Nearly 100 percent of the large factory established in Gemlik for Togg’s mass production has been completed. Togg’s official Twitter account, which has made important statements about the latest status of the facility and the domestic car in the past days, announced that everything went well at the facility and that the final work was carried out quickly to complete the final test stages before starting trial production.

Togg shared a new image via his official Twitter account last week. In the image in the post, he shared that unpainted trials of the body area of ​​the domestic and innate electric vehicle were started and that the body of the vehicle was finalized with the trial work carried out in the assembly section of the facility.

How Many Vehicles Will Togg Be Released?

Togg’s number of vehicles has already been a matter of curiosity. The company, which has not even put its first vehicle on the road yet, started to receive questions about how many domestic car models it will produce.

In line with the statements made by both CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş and other officials, it has been learned that Togg will be included in the electric vehicle market with 5 different vehicle models.

Which Will Be Togg’s First Model?

As a result of the explanations and promotional activities for Togg’s first model, it was reported that the domestic car will first go to traffic with the C segment SUV model. The company will then start preparations for the Sedan model.

Turkey Became the Last in Electric Car Sales!

Togg’s sedan model was introduced recently. A new one has recently been added to the Togg developments, which have been closely followed by both the domestic and foreign press for a while.

Last week, on his Twitter account, “Shall we meet face to face?” The domestic company, which shared the front view of the Sedan model with the note, then gave the good news. The Sedan model, which has not been introduced until now, was introduced to the public in a shopping mall called Zorlu Center in Istanbul. The interior design, which draws attention with its blue steering wheel and seat belts, is completed with leather seats in light color at the front and darker colors at the rear.

The windshield surface of the sedan model was designed in accordance with the equipment of the electric vehicle. The shoulder lines extending from the front to the back added a different atmosphere to the Sedan model. Tulip rims were used on the rims of the new model, just like the SUV model.

Has Togg’s Sale Price Been Announced?

The sales price of the domestic car Togg has become one of the frequently searched topics in search engines. No official statement has been made on this issue yet. Speaking within the scope of an event held in the past days, CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş announced that the sales price of Togg would be determined according to the market. On the other hand, after the regulation regarding the SCT taken from electric vehicles, some calculations were made regarding the estimated price of the vehicle.

While it is aimed to observe an increase in electric vehicle sales as a result of SCT regulations, the estimated price of the SUV model was announced as 900 thousand TL. After this estimate appeared in the press, no confirmation statement was made by Togg officials.

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