When Will Togg Go into Mass Production?

The date of Togg’s transition to mass production has been one of the frequently asked topics in search engines in recent days. Turkey, which is preparing to enter the electric car market with its domestic and innate electric car, has started to appear frequently in the foreign press with this title.

Economic markets, whose upward movements have accelerated recently, have also caused increases in the prices of spare parts used in vehicle production. In addition, the coronavirus epidemic, which spread from the city of Wuhan in China to the whole world in 2020 and caused the factories to remain closed for a certain period, also led to the chip crisis. With the effect of all these variables, zero kilometer vehicle prices have also caused the prices of second-hand vehicles to increase. In this context, manufacturers started to focus on the production of electric car models, which are more profitable in the long run, rather than producing vehicle models with internal combustion engines.

Electric vehicle models, whose production has increased in recent years, but which have accelerated their production as of this year, created a new field in the market. In this context, almost every company started to design electric car models. One of the models belonged to Turkey.

It was a matter of curiosity when Turkey, which is preparing to enter the electric car market with the domestic and innate electric car Togg, will switch to mass production of the vehicle. This subject, which is frequently covered in both the domestic and foreign press, has started to attract great attention. In this context, according to the statements made by the domestic company, the vehicle will start mass production on October 29 and will start to be produced rapidly.

When Will Togg Be Available?

The date the Togg will be put on sale is highly curious by both consumers, the local press and the foreign press. Those who wonder when the domestic and innate electric car will enter the traffic, continue to follow the official statements made by the company closely.

Domestic company Togg has not yet been able to give a clear date for the vehicle’s release date to traffic. However, according to the official statements made by CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş and other officials, the domestic car, which will start mass production towards the end of the year, will be on the road in the first three months of 2023.

How Much Will Togg Be Sold For?

Togg’s sales price has been one of the most curious topics in the industry recently. Consumers and investors, who are looking forward to the date when the domestic vehicle will be released to traffic, are trying to guess how much money they have to sacrifice in order to have a domestic vehicle.

No official statement has yet been made regarding Togg’s selling price. Stating that one of the questions he is frequently asked about is the sale price of Togg, CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated that no company could make such a prediction before the date of sale. In addition, CEO Karakaş pointed out that the price of Togg will be determined by the market.

Togg Price According to Special Consumption Tax Regulation

After the Special Consumption Tax regulation, Togg’s selling price became one of the current topics of many experts. According to the calculations made as a result of the steps taken to regulate the SCT rates taken from electric cars, the approximate selling price of Togg was tried to be estimated.

Although the sale price of Togg is not yet clear, experts have revealed some calculations according to the SCT regulation. According to the latest calculations, it has been claimed that the domestic and innate electric car Togg will not be less than 900 thousand TL. These calculations made by the experts, Togg officials did not give an answer. Therefore, it will be clear whether the predictions of the experts will be correct, but when the domestic car is put up for sale.

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