What Does TOGG’s New Logo Mean?

The countdown continues for the domestic car TOGG, which is eagerly awaited by millions of citizens. TOGG took another step in the global branding process and the new logo was introduced. Here is the meaning and design of TOGG's new logo...

There are new developments in the domestic automobile, which was started with the aim of creating a global brand whose intellectual and industrial property belongs entirely to Turkey. Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) has now renewed its logo after registering its brand name. The new logo of TOGG, which is expected to start mass production as of 2023, was introduced.

The company, which first introduced the preview vehicles on December 27, 2019 with the participation of President Erdo─čan, has been continuing its work without interruption since then. Having reached an important level of awareness, the company using the name TOGG as a brand name has also completed the logo selection. Citizens are wondering what the new TOGG logo means and its story.

TOGG’s New Logo Was Unanimously Chosen

According to the latest information, both local and global design agencies were involved in the process of determining TOGG’s new logo. The brand agency CGH, which has designed the logos of many leading brands in Turkey and around the world, has drawn attention with its work. The logo design prepared by this agency received the highest score in the voting and was chosen as the new logo of TOGG.

What Does the TOGG Logo Mean?

Two arrows are seen in the new logo of TOGG, which also expresses a term that software developers use while writing code. It is stated that in the middle of these two arrows they fuse to form a precious stone (diamond) shape. These two arrows also symbolize the coming together of East and West. Turquoise color used in TOGG’s new logo also represents the Turkish world.

TOGG’s new logo also refers to mobility solutions that make life easier. Emphasis is placed on a company that brings technology and people together at the intersections of today and in the future. According to the information received, it has been reported that the necessary registration procedures have been initiated for the new TOGG logo in the European Union, USA, China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkic Republics and Turkey.

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