What are TOGG Engine Options?

TOGG details; What are the technical specifications and TOGG engine options? The electric car industry is developing rapidly in many countries around the world. Electric cars are becoming more preferred over other fuel vehicles. It is one of the electric cars in Togg that is completely domestic production. As a front runner in the electric car segment, Togg draws attention to itself with its powerful motor. As togg engine options, there is an engine that can produce 200 hp in the first option.

What are TOGG Engine Options?

As a second option, the vehicle has 2 engines and has a whopping 400 hp. The first engine option accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 7.6 seconds. The second engine, on the other hand, accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 4.8 seconds. The speed capacity of the domestic cars to be produced is set at 180 km.

Technical data of the TOGG engine

The Togg from Turkey has 2 engine options. Both engines are more powerful than the others. Their speed capacities are quite high. The maximum speed of the engine is set at 180 km / h. Engine up to 100 km / h,

With the 1st engine it reaches 7.6 seconds. With the second engine, it reaches 4.8 seconds. The technical feature of the vehicle in 1 engine is the 2 wheel drive.

In the second engine, the technical feature of the vehicle is all-wheel drive. The engine power of the twin-engine vehicle is 150 kW.

This makes the Togg car very fast and powerful thanks to the dual engine options. Thanks to its powerful engine, Togg attracts everyone’s attention and with its powerful engine it is at the forefront of the electric car industry.

Togg functions

It is obvious that the Togg from Turkey will be one of the most popular electric cars in the world automotive industry. The most amazing thing about the car is that it enables autonomous driving. In addition, the level of the autonomous system is very strong. The vehicle is produced entirely technically. The car will communicate with the world and take passengers on a journey into the Internet world.

What are TOGG Engine Options? Thanks to the Togg electric car’s zero emission function, the vehicle never loses its hygienic properties. The vehicle charges in a very short time and can cover an average of 500 km. At the same time, thanks to its technical equipment, the cargo tank can be filled in less than 30 minutes. It is also an indispensable feature that it provides a comfortable and convenient ride for the passengers in the car.

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