Visited TOGG facilities, will provide job opportunities for 20 thousand people

Deputy Ahmet Kılıç, who visited Bursa Gemlik TOGG Domestic Automobile Factory, where Turkey's dream of almost a century has been realized, explained that it was an indescribable feeling to witness the most important investment in the history of the Republic.

Deputy Ahmet Kılıç said that the giant work is the most important source of inspiration and the strongest hope of Turkish youth. 35-year-old young MP Ahmet Kılıç, who visited Bursa Gemlik TOGG Domestic Automobile Factory, where Turkey’s 60-year dream will come true, said that Turkey’s historical giant investment continues to rise at an incredible rate despite the pandemic and ordinary conditions.

Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kılıç stated that the paint, body, assembly, energy and treatment facility and the entrance building were completed quickly at the Bursa Gemlik Factory, where the foundations of TOGG, the first domestic and national electric car, were laid, and said that they were excited to get off the band in 2022.

Reminding that the giant investment will initially provide employment to approximately 5 thousand people in Bursa, Ahmet Kılıç stated that 20 thousand people will be provided with job opportunities in the medium and long term, together with the sub-industry.

Pointing out that Turkey has set the bar very, very high with a huge production complex that includes different facilities, Ahmet Kılıç stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s determination, courage and struggle are behind the giant investment that the world is watching.

Deputy Ahmet Kılıç added that the giant investment is not only one of the most important symbols of President Erdoğan’s vision of a strong and innovative country, but also a great source of inspiration for younger generations.

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