Turkey’s car TOGG will go on sale in 2023

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, who met with the young people, answered the questions from the young people about the domestic automobile. Minister Varank said that the domestic car will come off the band at the end of 2022 and will go on sale in the first quarter of 2023.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made a series of openings and visits in Konya. Later, Minister Varank, who met with the young people, answered the questions posed to him. Making important statements about the domestic car, Varank said that TOGG will be released in the first quarter of 2023.

Minister Varank’s statements are as follows: “We are pleased that Turkey’s automobile is so excited. Since the first time we introduced it, everyone from the child to the elderly has been asking questions about when this vehicle will be released. Turkey’s automobile, I hope, will come off the mass production line by the end of 2022. The construction of the factory continues.

Machine orders have been made. The prototypes of the car have started to enter the tests. The vehicles that come off the mass production line at the end of 2022 will be launched in the first quarter of 2023, I think.


Turkey’s automobile should not be seen as a car. Turkey’s automobile project is actually Turkey’s answer to the changing automotive industry. When we first announced the vehicle, we stated that it would be electric from birth, it would have some autonomous features, and at the same time, we should see this vehicle as a technology platform since we own the intellectual property rights, and that we can integrate the technologies developed by the startups into this vehicle. People were saying it was too early for an electric vehicle.

At the point we have reached now, companies that have been producing cars for a hundred years are worried about how we will catch up with this electric vehicle revolution. We actually invested in the right technology at the right time. Here is the key to success. When you invest in the right technology at the right time, there’s no reason not to win.”


The domestic car planned to be produced by TOGG will be electric and environmentally friendly. The TOGG domestic car, which will have a modular chassis and a structure that can be easily integrated with information technologies, will also have a strong internet connection. The domestic car, where two SUV models will be produced in the first place, will be the vehicle with the longest wheelbase in its segment. The TOGG domestic car, which has a high-tech innate electric and connected platform, will reach 80 percent occupancy with fast charging in under 30 minutes.

TOGG, which will have zero emission value, will have high crash strength, 30 percent more torsional strength. In addition, regenerative braking, which contributes up to 20 percent to the vehicle range, will also be a feature of the domestic car. According to the information released by TOGG, the vehicle, which has its own unique lines, will be able to fully meet the standards of EuroNCAP, one of the world’s leading automobile safety testing organizations. Authorities expect the domestic car to leave EuroNCAP tests with 5 stars in 2022.


According to TOGG’s statements; The price of the domestic car has not been determined yet, but the price will be kept at a reasonable level and according to estimates, it will be in line with the prices of C-class electric vehicles of other brands. It is also thought that TOGG domestic automobile will be competitive in after-sales services such as spare parts.

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