TSE President Şahin: TOGG Charging Station Standard is Ready

Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) President Prof. Dr. Adem Şahin talked about the long-awaited domestic car TOGG. Stating that they are waiting for TOGG with excitement, Şahin said, "When there is a need for another standard regarding TOGG, we follow the process very closely and try to be prepared in advance."

Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) is closely followed by the citizens as well as the official institutions of the state. Making statements about TOGG charging stations, Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) President Prof. Dr. Adem Şahin made important comments. Expressing that the TOGG project is approaching the end step by step, TSE President said that they are looking forward to the day the vehicle will land at the end of 2022. He stated that some changes will be made in TOGG in accordance with the energy changes around the world.

“TOGG Charging Infrastructure Standards Are Ready”

Stating that TSE has prepared two separate standards for the charging infrastructure that the TOGG vehicle will use, Şahin said, “We have prepared the standards that will be used in preparing the charging infrastructure that falls under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Technology on this issue.” Accordingly, the 1st standard was published as Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems – Basic Terms and Definitions Standard.

TSE President Şahin said the following about these standards: “This standard is common terms, maybe something related to standards technology, but what should everyone understand from this business when they read it? It has published a standard that defines a general framework, the system, in terms of what will be its common terms. In addition, he prepared and shared with the public the Standard for Electric Vehicle Charging Units and Stations – Installation and Safety Requirements, regarding the way of installation of the charging stations to be established, their connection to the main grid, the problems there and how to solve them.”

“We Follow the Process Very Closely”

TSE, which works to ensure that citizens do not encounter any charging infrastructure problems when they get off the TOGG production line, closely monitors the process. Making a statement on the subject, Şahin said, “We will ensure that people are able to use the vehicle on our roads with peace of mind without encountering any charging infrastructure problems and that their satisfaction will be at a high level. I think that when demands and needs for other standards or criteria will arise, we follow the process very closely and try to be prepared in advance.”

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