Togg’s Ranking at CES Has Been Announced!

Togg, one of the domestic products that raises Turkey’s prestige, continues to run from success to success. The vehicle, which has the feature of being domestically made from the beginning, achieved another success in the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) organization, where it was introduced at the beginning of the new year. The CES success of the domestic car was announced via the official Twitter account.

Stunning Success from Domestic Automobile!

Togg, which has Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group expansion, was established in 2018 with the aim of producing domestic automobiles. It has been learned that Togg, which has made a name for itself with the work it has done and the successes it has achieved in the field of domestic automobile production since the day it was founded, has achieved another success.

CES, which could not be held for about 2 years due to the pandemic, was held again in January 2022 with the discovery of vaccines and taking other epidemic measures. After the presentation, Exhibitor, one of the most followed publications in the electronic field by the countries of the world, determined the best 20 of the fair.

It was reported that Togg was among the top 20 in the list published by Exihibitor under the title of “Best of 2022”.

The Ranking of the Top 20 Has Been Announced!

Exhibitor CES data, which is expected to be announced since January, was presented to the public with a last-minute statement. Togg, which was previously announced to be among the top 20 products of the fair, was declared as the sixth best vehicle. This information was announced to the Turkish people through Togg’s official Twitter account.

Mass Production Begins at the End of the Year!

Togg, which is thought to bring a new breath to the automotive field both in the country and abroad, continues to prepare without slowing down for the mass production planned to start at the end of the year. Togg, which is still in the testing process and has been subjected to various stages by calculating all kinds of possibilities, has successfully completed the test, which was carried out in minus 40 degrees air temperature recently.

It is thought that if Togg successfully completes all kinds of testing phases, it will start mass production in 2022.

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