TOGG’s price hinted: It will be equivalent to an internal combustion C-SUV

Albert Saydam, who made statements about the Turkish automotive supply industry and the digital transformation of the industry, opened a separate parenthesis for TOGG. Albert Saydam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), reminded that the Turkish automotive industry has been the locomotive sector in exports for 15 years. He said that they get one dollar out of every 6 dollars in exports from the automotive sector. He noted that Turkey’s share in the world automotive industry is between 1.5 and 1.7 percent.

The Pandemic Negatively Affected the Automotive Supply Chain

Expressing that there are new opportunities for the automotive industry in the global sense, Saydam said, “We have some opportunities ahead of us. When the right steps are taken and these opportunities are realized, it is possible for this rate to increase to 2% or even 2.5%.” said. Reminding that serious disruptions occurred in the supply chain due to the epidemic, TAYSAD President emphasized the importance of foreign trade in the automotive sector.

Stating that foreign investors show interest in the Turkish automotive industry, Albert Saydam said that there have been investments announced one after another in the last 2 years: “The first reason for the new investments is the level that the Turkish automotive supply industry has reached. The second is the new platforms launched and introduced by the main industries in Turkey. New platforms are not just in terms of sight, they are platforms that use new technology. After all, it is clear that we will attract investors from abroad as long as these platforms are produced in our country.”

Full Length Mirror in TOGG Electric Vehicle Conversion

TAYSAD Chairman Saydam touched upon the electric transformation strategies of automotive companies such as TOGG, Ford Otosan, Oyak Renault and Tofaş. Saydam said that if the right steps are not taken in this sector, they will be left behind and emphasized the importance of the TOGG project for the automotive industry: “The TOGG project is a full-length mirror for all of us.

Not only in terms of competitiveness, we see what we can and cannot do in an electric vehicle. While those who do try to maintain this competitive advantage, those who do not seek alternative solutions, or rather, improve their own processes.”

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