Togg’s New Test Drive Has Been Admired!

The countdown has begun for the Togg, one of Turkey’s most proud domestic vehicles. The domestic car, which is naturally electric, has successfully completed another test phase.

Togg Spotted In The Dark!

The countdown has begun for the domestic car Togg, which has been preparing for a while and has been introduced within the scope of many different events since the beginning of the year. Togg, which started robot studies at the Gemlik facility and carried out unpainted trials, continues its preparations for traffic.

The domestic car, which had a test drive in the winter months to test its performance against harsh weather conditions and was successful in this test, was once again seen in the traffic in the past days. It was determined that Togg, who was photographed by journalist Taha Hüseyin Karagöz, was in traffic for night drives. Although it was not determined who was driving the vehicle, the domestic car handling and its disappearance within seconds were greatly appreciated.

Getting Ready to Get Off the Band!

The domestic car Togg, which started in 2019 and continued unabated, started to approach the end of its design work. It has been announced that trial production will start as of this month for the domestic automobile, whose work continues at full speed at the Gemlik facility, which was specially built for him.

Domestic car Togg, which will apply for certification studies, is expected to start mass production and be taken off the band by the end of the year. According to the statements made by authorized persons, Turkey’s first and only domestic electric vehicle will be put on the road in the first three months of 2023.

The price has started to be discussed!

After the announcement of the regulation on the excise duty rates taken from electric cars in the past days, the sales price of Togg started to be discussed. Although the CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, who stated that “the market will determine the price of Togg” during an event he attended, confused their minds, the estimated figures for the sales price that Togg would set for the C-SUV model began to emerge after the SCT regulation.

According to the calculations made after the 10% and 40% SCT regulation, it is estimated that Togg will be offered for sale at around 900 thousand TL.

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