Togg will park itself! Here are the features of Togg

The domestic car Togg, which was showcased for the first time at the world-famous CES 2022 fair, was highly appreciated. Many features of Togg, including its ability to park itself, attracted great attention in the automobile world.

The domestic car, which is expected by millions of citizens in Turkey, has outstanding features. The domestic automobile, which we will start seeing on the roads as of 2023 under the brand name of Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg), has finally appeared on the world stage in the USA. CEO Gürcan Karakaş made the presentation of Togg, which found its place in an international fair for the first time.

Turkey’s global technology brand Togg, serving in the field of mobility, introduced the C-sedan model at the CES 2022 fair. Some of the features of Togg, which managed to make a name for itself in the world’s most popular consumer electronics fair, were almost astonishing. Remarkable expressions were used in the world automotive press for Togg, which took part in the fair with its new concept vehicle in the C-sedan model.

What are the Features of the Togg C-Sedan Model?

The Togg C-sedan model, which has a metallic gray color that is a mixture of violet and indigo blue, appeared with a striking exterior design. The muscular rear design and the shoulder line starting from the headlights and extending to the rear reveal a strong style concept. The illuminated Togg logo symbolizes the unity of Eastern and Western cultures. While the windshield of the vehicle is designed in harmony with the electric architecture, the multi-spoke tulip design on the rims draws attention.

Moving on to the interior design, there are 4 single seats with seat belts. Since there is no middle door pillar, the doors open like a book with the pillarless design. While light-colored leather is used on the front seats, dark colors are preferred for the rear seats.

Automatic Parking Feature Appreciated

The autonomous driving techniques of the new Togg C-Sedan concept car allow the car to park itself. The Togg C-sedan, also called a smart mobility device, detects a parking space suitable for its size, detects it through sensors, and can park itself in the parking lot with a single click. It has been announced that the Togg C-Sedan will be launched 18 months after the Togg C-Suv, which is scheduled to hit the roads in 2023.

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