Togg Will Hire Personnel for Germany and Gebze!

Shortly before Togg’s entry into the electric car market, the personnel recruitment postings have been updated.

27 Job Posting Announcements from Togg!

The countdown has begun for our domestic car, Togg, which is eagerly awaited both in our country and by the electric car market. The construction of the Gemlik facility will be completed as of June, and Togg will start mass production by the end of the year. Togg, which is planned to be released to traffic as of the first three months of 2023, accelerated the preparations. In this context, it was observed that the company, which continues to publish its personnel recruitment announcements both abroad and in the country, has 27 job postings open to applications.

Togg Recruitment Ads 2022

The domestic car Togg will be on the road with an SUV first. In 2024, it will take its place in the market with the fully electric Sedan model. In this context, the company, which does not take a break from its work for a moment, continues to expand its staff.

The local company Togg, which updates its postings periodically, has announced that there are 27 personnel recruitment advertisements open for application at the moment. Some of the related postings are as follows:

Program Management- Gebze: 1 person
Market Analysis & Demand Planning- Gebze: 1 person
Purchasing- Direct Materails- Gebze: 1 person
Cost Engineer- Gebze: 1 person
Foreign Trade- Gebze: 1 person
Internal Communication- Gebze: 1 person
Distribution Channel& Business Development- Sales- Stuttgart, Baden- Württemberg: 1 person
Warranty Management- Gebze: 1 person
PD Product Launch- Vehicle Integration- Gebze: 1 person
Digital Wallet& Payment Systems- Gebze: 1 person
IT Solution Design& Delivery- Downstream- Gebze: 1 person
Serviceability- Gebze: 1 person
PD Product Launch- Chassis Systems- Gebze: 1 person
IT Governance- Gebze: 1 person
PD Product Launch- BIW- Gebze: 1 person
Thermal Management System- HVAC and Refrigerant System Engineering- Gebze: 1 person
Thermal Management System- Simulation Engineering- Gebze: 1 person

Where and How to Apply for Togg Personnel Recruitment Announcements?

It is possible to apply online through LinkedIn for the recruitment announcements published by Togg.

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