Togg Will Enter The Market Quickly With Its Affordable Price

The developments regarding the domestic electric car Togg are closely followed. The price of the car, which is expected to be released under the brand name of Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg), was a matter of curiosity. Research continues on the price of the domestic car, which is expected to be taken off the production line in the last months of 2022. According to the latest information, Togg will enter the market very quickly thanks to its competitive price planning.

Especially recently, it has been talked about whether minimum wage earners can get Toggs or not on social media. With only a few days left to go on sale, Togg draws attention with its price, which is implied to be much cheaper than its competitors. The countdown continues for the release of the domestic and national electric car Togg. One of the most curious issues about Togg, which citizens have been under the spotlight for a long time, is definitely its price.

Countdown Continues For Togg

It has been announced that the final stages have been reached for the domestic and national electric car to be produced in Turkey. The countdown continues for the Togg, which will be manufactured in the factory established in the Gemlik district of Bursa. In the post shared on Togg’s official social media account, “Work at our Gemlik facility is progressing without slowing down in line with our plans.” The use of expressions did not go unnoticed. While millions of citizens followed the developments about Togg closely, these posts were highly appreciated on social media.

Togg, which participated in the CES 2022 fair in the USA in January and made its world promotion, continues to attract all the attention. It has been learned that Togg’s Sedan and SUV models will be offered for sale one after the other. The price of Togg, which is shown among the top 20 brands introduced at the CES fair, is getting more and more curious every day.

How Much Will Togg Price Be?

Citizens who want to buy Togg, which is planned to be on the roads in 2023, with affordable price options, continue their price research. In the previous statements about the price of the Togg, it was stated that the cost of the vehicle was over 40 thousand Euros. However, Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş said that although he did not give a clear figure about the price of the domestic electric car, it would have a price that could compete with SUV models with internal combustion engines. Based on this, the price of Togg is expected to be close to 700 thousand TL.

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