TOGG will do many operations such as parking without the need for a driver.

The new model of the domestic car, which debuted in the USA for the first time, was one of the highlights of the fair with its technology and modern design. The domestic car, which received full marks from the participants, will also provide great convenience to the drivers. The car will be able to perform many operations such as parking on its own without the need for the driver.

The new domestic car model was showcased at the consumer electronics fair CES 2022 in the USA. TOGG introduced its concept car called ‘Transition Concept Smart Device’ in the USA. The sedan car, which debuted in Las Vegas for the first time, received full marks with its modern design and technology.

Holding a press conference at the fair, TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that they are not a classic automobile company and said, “We define ourselves as a technology company. That’s why we are at CES, the meeting point of the latest innovations and firsts in technology.”

He could not hold back his tears. Karakaş could not hold back his tears while expressing his feelings after his presentation at the fair where the new Sedan model of Turkey’s domestic car TOGG was introduced. Karakaş said, “We are very excited. When we visited this place 3 years ago, I said, ‘We have to come here.’ We came here. Look, there are 700 people here, 700 people work day and night. We are doing it and we will do better. We came to say that we are a player in the game and we got involved in the game. We are advancing rapidly.” used the phrases.

Some highlights of the sedan car, which debuted in Las Vegas:

  • The car is designed in metallic gray, which is a mixture of violet and indigo.
  • The basis of the style concept is the muscular rear design and the shoulder line extending to the rear, starting from the headlights and strengthening the profile of the smart device.
  • While the windshield was redesigned in harmony with the electric architecture; The rims feature multi-spoke tulips.
  • There are 4 single seats with integrated seat belts in the interior.
  • With the design that eliminates the middle column, the doors open like a book.
  • While light-colored leather is used on the front seats, dark colors are preferred for the rear seats.
  • On the seat belts, on the other hand, light blue color draws attention to emphasize originality.
  • The car, the details of the road situation are not only physical on the interior panels; It has been designed to transfer virtually with hologram technology.
  • With the holographic assistant technology, the driver will be able to obtain detailed information about the road and environmental factors in addition to accessing the information given on the instrument screen without having to take his eyes off the road.
  • It will be able to do many operations such as parking the car itself, without the need for the driver.
  • Technical features can be renewed remotely, as with updates on smartphones.
  • Artificial intelligence learned 2500 pieces of classical Turkish music and composed a special composition for Togg.

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