Togg Will Compete In The $500 Billion Market

In a study published by the American research company Boston Consulting Group, the detail of Togg drew attention. According to the company, automotive sales expectations in Turkey and the nearby market have changed due to recent geopolitical problems. While total automotive sales are expected to be 8 million in 2020, this date has been delayed beyond 2025 due to the pandemic.

The release date of Turkey’s first domestic car, Togg, was announced as 2022. In this context, according to the US research company Boston Consulting Group, competition in the market will be very tough. According to the company’s estimations, when countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, where hundreds of millions of Muslims live, are added, the market size reaches 10 million vehicles. In this context, the annual turnover of the market of 10 million vehicles was calculated around 500 billion dollars.

Togg Will Compete In The $500 Billion Market

If Turkey’s first electric domestic car, Togg, gets only 5 percent of this market calculated in 2025, it will have a foreign currency inflow of 25 billion dollars. If Togg reaches a 10% market share within the first 5 years from its launch, then a cash flow of $50 billion will come to Turkey.

When these calculated turnovers begin to materialize, it will be possible for many new brands to be developed and marketed in Turkey, apart from Togg. In this case, Togg and the brands that will come after it will turn the nightmare of European automotive giants into a nightmare. For this reason, Western automotive companies that hold the majority of the market such as the USA, Germany and France are making great efforts to destabilize Turkey.

Religious, Cultural and Geographical Advantages of Togg

Car manufacturers, which have been experiencing difficulties in Europe recently, have started to look for new markets. In this context, Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, where automotive giants are looking for a recipe for salvation, draw attention. It seems that the close relations of Indonesia and Malaysia, which are Muslim countries, with Turkey will enable Togg to get a faster share from the automobile pie in these markets. Domestic car Togg is one step ahead of its competitors by using its religious, cultural and geographical advantages in this market where Europeans are eyeing.

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