Togg Will Bring Innovation to the Industry! Showroom and Vehicle Dealers are Ending

The coronavirus, which emerged in Wuhan, China at the beginning of 2020, affected all the countries of the world in a short time. The coronavirus epidemic, described as a “pandemic” by the authorities, has radically changed the conditions of daily life and the way services are provided.

The measures taken at the beginning of the epidemic caused citizens to be unable to leave their homes, and therefore, to turn daily life services towards online platforms. Meanwhile, one of the most striking changes was observed in the automotive sector. With the epidemic, citizens who could not go to showrooms and car dealerships started to offer online vehicle sales services.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, which has been in our lives for more than 2 years, the rapid development of online sales platforms also turned to vehicle sales, which led to a long-term research on the subject. While the data of the research process managed by IPSOS were revealed, it was noted that Turkey will also turn towards online vehicle sales with Togg, which has been announced to start mass production at the end of 2022.

IPSOS Online Vehicle Sales Survey Results

IPSOS, serving as an important research company, announced the results of the research it started to conduct for OYDER at the end of 2021. The result of the study conducted with 202 representatives of authorized dealer points belonging to 20 automobile companies showed that the automotive industry is ready for the online buying and selling process.

According to the results announced, 24 percent of vehicle dealers stated that online dealerships will become widespread within 5 years at the latest, 42 percent will become widespread in 5-10 years, and 26 percent will become widespread in over 10 years. The percentage that is not sure whether the online system will be integrated into our lives was announced as 7 percent.

According to another result of the same research, 46 percent of the sellers who said that they would look positively to online sales in case of an offer from the brands, were recorded as 23 percent of the sellers who said that they would not respond positively to the offer.

To Try With Togg!

According to the research carried out on the domestic car Togg, which has been eagerly awaited for a while, it was noted that the company will offer the vehicle online for sale.

Tesla Doesn’t Have Vehicle Dealers!

It is known that Tesla, which is shown as the automotive giant of the world, does not have vehicle dealerships and citizens see the vehicles through small stores in shopping malls. In this sense, Tesla is shown as the pioneer of online trading service.

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