Togg Strengthens Its Staff With New Job Postings

There are new developments about the domestic car Togg, which is eagerly awaited by millions of people in Turkey. New job postings came to the fore for Togg, which is expected to enter mass production this year at the factory established in the Gemlik district of Bursa. Employees who will work in the first electric domestic car project produced under the Togg brand are recruited in different fields.

Attending the CES 2022 fair held in Las Vegas, USA at the beginning of January, Togg made its first international publicity here. The Togg model, which was examined by technology enthusiasts from all over the world, attracted great attention. Following the completion of the Togg factory, it was announced that the first domestic electric car would be taken off the production line in the last quarter of 2022. Now it seems that Togg is recruiting in many different areas and regions.

Togg Posts New Jobs

Job postings have started to be published for employees who will be assigned to various positions in Togg’s sales center to be established in Gebze. The qualifications sought in people who will work in projects to be realized in Gebze were also included in the advertisements.

It was stated that Togg will recruit in areas such as “Electrical System Validation & Testing”, “Sales”, “Design Technical Operations”, and “Foreign Trade” among the most recent job postings.

When Will Togg Be Sold?

Togg, which is followed closely and eagerly awaited by millions of citizens in Turkey, will enter mass production in 2022. No official sales date has been given for the domestic electric car, which is expected to be released with the Togg C-SUV model first. However, Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş and other authorized names announced that the domestic car will come off the production line at the end of 2022. The Togg will leave the factory in the last quarter of this year and will be available for orders.

Is Togg Price Certain?

A clear price statement has not been made yet for the domestic car Togg, which we will see on the roads in the first months of 2023. However, Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş heralded that the vehicle will come with a competitive price in the SUV segment at the time of its sale.

While special incentives are planned for Togg, the car is expected to be in the band of at least 400-500 thousand TL. Official sales figures will be known after the Togg cars roll off the production line.

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