Togg signs blockchain deal!

Turkey’s global technology brand Togg, serving in the field of mobility, and Ava Labs, which developed the Avalanche blockchain, signed a strategic partnership to develop safe and fast mobility services with smart contracts.

An exciting post came from Togg’s social media account. According to the statement made by Togg, Togg, which set out to produce more than automobiles by taking mobility one step further with the USECASE Mobility approach, completed the search for a strategic partner in blockchain technologies at CES 2022 and developed the Avalanche blockchain platform, which is reliable, fast, technological and Ar- It has stepped into cooperation with Ava Labs, a platform that cares about GE.

Togg’s CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that the role of the digital economy has increased in the world of mobility and said, “We have been developing new generation digital mobility solutions for Togg users since the first day. Our cooperation with Ava Labs has made the experience of Togg users a different one. Business partners included in the entire mobility ecosystem, Togg users and even non-Togg users will also be able to benefit from this platform.” used the phrases.

Ava Labs CEO Prof. Dr. Emin Gün Sirer also stated that Togg chose the most ideal blockchain platform while shaping the future of mobility.

Sirer said, “Avalanche has the fastest smart contracts on the blockchain in terms of completion time and can be used in globally scalable applications. We are happy to support and collaborate with Togg in realizing its vision.” made its assessment.

Togg leads change in the world of mobility

According to the statement, in parallel with changing user expectations, the change experienced in mobile phones in the last 15 years is experienced in automotive. Togg is leading this change in the world of mobility by combining IoT and M2M communication technologies with blockchain infrastructure.

Thanks to the Togg Navigation system, which has a mixed model called Intermodal, users will have the opportunity to travel using different transportation solutions.

After parking their Togg smart devices at the pre-reserved charging station, users will be able to continue their journey by scooter or get their coffee from the nearby coffee shop. In return for these products and services, Togg will be able to transact quickly and securely with the blockchain technology and smart contracts used by the smart device. In addition, the maintenance and changing parts of the vehicle will be kept on the blockchain, thus creating a reliable second-hand market.

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