Togg Published 2022 Personnel Recruitment Announcements!

In these days when the economic conditions are getting worse and the unemployment rate is increasing gradually, thousands of citizens living in the society accelerated their job search to find a place for themselves in various employment areas. At this point, the personnel recruitment announcement, which will make the citizens smile, came from Togg, one of our national prides.

According to the statements made, the domestic car Togg, which aims to start mass production at the end of the year and is planned to take place both in Turkey and abroad in the first quarter of 2023, has started to look for personnel for both production and management.

Proving its resilience day by day, the company stated that 43 new personnel will be included in the company to be appointed to various positions in the new period, and this number will increase gradually.

Job Posting Announcement from Togg!

Our domestic car Togg, which has managed to attract the attention of the whole world, continues its work without slowing down. At this point, the company, which needed personnel not only in the production department of the vehicles, but also in other departments of the factory, started to publish the personnel recruitment announcements of the new period. The company, which has posted job advertisements for 43 different positions so far, stated that it will increase the number of purchases in case of need.

Togg Recruitment Ads

While 43 personnel recruitment advertisements published by Togg attracted great interest from the citizens in a short time, the contents of some recruitment advertisements were determined as follows:

  • Digital User Engagement: 1 person
  • Digital Product Sales: 1 person
  • Digital Product Owner: 1 person
  • Ergonomics: 1 person

How to Apply for Togg Personnel Recruitment Announcements?

43 personnel recruitment announcements published by Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group can be accessed via the LinkedIn platform. While more personnel recruitment announcements are planned to be published in the coming days, job applications are also made through this platform.

One of the conditions that must be met in order to apply for the relevant Togg personnel recruitment postings is to be a member of the LinkedIn platform. Afterwards, providing the special conditions determined for the advertisement to which the application will be made increases the chances of the candidates who want to be employed through the advertisement.

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