TOGG Prototype Tests Continue Successfully! [Video]

Electric car TOGG Prototype Tests Continue Successfully! There was a post on Twitter today. In this post, the image of all durability and other tests applied to the prototype vehicles for our national car was shared. Now let’s examine this post.

TOGG Prototype Tests Continue Successfully!

We recently made news about our national car, TOGG. In this news, we saw the video where our Domestic Vehicle set off for testing. This time, we will share with you a video stage taken after the start of these tests. In the images shared on his social account, the durability test and the technological tests of the vehicle were performed.

While a video was included in the post details shared on TOGG Twitter, another video was shared.

Here is that Sharing:

Our testing processes, one of the most important stages of our product strategy, started at accredited test centers in different locations. Our chassis prototype road test, endurance test, aerodynamic and aeroacoustic tests continue in line with our plans. #YeniLigeYolculuk #TOGG

The TOGG Prototype Tests video is as follows.

We leave the screenshot of this tweet shared from the TOGG twitter account below.

Do you think this vehicle will pass these tests successfully? It’s early for this question, but how many stars will it get in the Ncap tests it will enter after mass production starts? You can share your answers with us in the comments section.

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