TOGG Pressed the Button for Charging Stations!

With the development of the automotive industry and the change in consumer habits, electric cars, which started to take place in traffic rapidly, started to be preferred more than other vehicle models because they are more profitable in the long run. At this point, Turkey, which is preparing to be included in the relevant market with the domestic car Togg, accelerated its work shortly before the vehicle was put on the road.

Togg, which will start trial production this month, will start mass production at the end of the year and will be on the road in the first three months of 2023. In this context, the company, which wants the infrastructure to be ready, shared the information that an important step has been taken in order to establish its own charging station.

License Approval from EMRA to Togg!

Continuing the countdown for its first model, the C-SUV, Togg took the first step in infrastructure work. Accelerating its preparations for domestic vehicles as well as the increasing use of electric cars in recent years, Togg has taken an important step for the charging station project that it announced a while ago.

According to the official statements made by Togg, the button was pressed for the charging stations, which are of great importance for both Togg and other electric vehicle models. Stating that it applied for a license to EMRA to establish its own charging network under the name of Trugo company, the company announced that EMRA had approved the license.

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1000 Charge Stations Will Be Established!

Togg, who received license approval from EMRA for the charging network company established under the name Trugo, conveyed important information about his project. According to the official statements made by the company, it is stated that it is aimed to establish more than 1000 charging stations on the borders of Turkey within a year. Togg, which has started working on charging stations with 2,000 sockets, stated that the relevant stations will be built at 600 points in total in all 81 provinces.

Features of Charging Stations Have Been Announced!

According to the official statements made by Togg, it was shared that charging stations will be established every 25 kilometers in places with heavy traffic and every 50 kilometers in points with less traffic density.

Another statement made by the company was about the filling speeds of the stations. According to official information, the charging stations to be built by Trugo will be able to bring an electric vehicle to 80 percent filling point in 25 minutes.

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