Togg posted 10 new jobs [August 9]

The first domestic car model signed by Togg will be in the form of an SUV and will be put into production at the end of 2022 at the Gemlik-based factory, which continues to be installed if nothing goes wrong. The fully electric car, whose official sale price has not yet been announced, is aimed to be put on the roads in the first half of 2023. Many different personnel are needed in the development process of this vehicle and project.

Currently, Togg’s LinkedIn page, which you can access here, has a total of 58 different job postings, with the following postings added recently. Togg, which constantly increases or updates its job postings with options that are closed, has made a splash today with 10 new postings that you can see below.

Here, once again, new positions based in Ankara and Gebze were introduced. The company is increasing its search for software and hardware-oriented personnel and currently has around 1,000 employees. For those who haven’t seen Togg, an important announcement has been made recently.

Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated the following about the “expected” price of the first vehicle to be over 1 million TL: “No professional company can, will, and should not give a price for a vehicle that will be put on the road in April, March or February.” The CEO also said, “When we look at the feedback so far, the interest is high. When we get to that point, we will see how many of them turn into sales when the time comes. No professional company can, should, and should not give a price in advance for a vehicle that will be released to traffic in April, March or February.

The market determines the price. Therefore, when the time comes, we will position ourselves in that market. Our rhetoric and claim is that we know from whom we will get market share. We know in which segment our vehicle will be positioned in the market and we say that we will be competitive among them.” made the statement.

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