Togg Partners Which Companies?

The companies, in which Togg is a partner, started to be researched again shortly before the domestic car was released. It was a matter of curiosity whether Togg, which was the subject of the headlines with the phrases “Domestic company, domestic car”, had foreign partners.

Electric car production, which has started to be given weight by manufacturers due to both the upward movements of the economy markets and the chip crisis, which has increased its effect due to the coronavirus, and some other factors, has provided the formation of a market in which Turkey is preparing to be included. Turkey, which is preparing to enter this market with the domestic car Togg, succeeded in creating quite a stir in both the local and foreign press with the success of its domestic company.

Turkey’s excellent progress in domestic automobile production in a short time led to the research of the automobile manufacturer. In this context, whether the Togg company’s management is in one hand or whether the company is in partnership, has started to be the subject of research. In this context, according to the share distribution statement made as of the first day of the company’s establishment, the companies that are partners of Togg company were announced as follows:

Anadolu Group
Zorlu Holding

How Many Shares Do Togg Partners Own?

The share distribution of the partners of the Togg company began to be wondered after it was learned that the company did not belong to a single hand. The share ratios of 5 companies that own shares in the company began to be questioned frequently in search engines.

The share ratios belonging to the partners of Togg, which has recently exhibited initiatives not only in vehicle production but also in different fields, are reported as follows:

Anadolu Group: 23 percent
BMC: 23 percent
Turkcell: 23 percent
Zorlu Holding: 23 percent
TOBB: 8 percent

Where Is Togg Made?

The production place of the domestic car Togg started to come up as one of the frequently asked topics, a little while before the vehicle’s release. The location of the vehicle’s production work continues to be covered both in the domestic and foreign press.

The domestic and innate electric car Togg will be produced at the Gemlik Facility, the construction of which started in 2020 and was announced to have been completed last month.

When Will Mass Production of Togg Begin?

The serial production date of the domestic car Togg has started to be very curious by domestic and foreign consumers and investors, who are looking forward to the release of the vehicle. Company officials, who made important statements on the subject before, stated that the official date for mass production of the vehicle is October 29, 2022. The authorities also stated that this date is also the opening date of the Gemlik Facility.

When Will Togg Be Available?

The date when the domestic car Togg will be put on sale has started to be wondered by consumers and investors who are waiting for the domestic vehicle to come out in order to have an electric car. As a result of the important statements made on the subject, no official information has yet been given about the net date of the domestic car Togg.

Although the exact date when the domestic and innate electric car Togg will be released to traffic is not known, the authorities reported that the vehicle will be on the roads in the first three months of 2023.

Has Togg’s Price Been Announced?

The sales price of the domestic car Togg is highly curious by both local and foreign press. The company, which has not yet made an official statement in terms of eliminating the curiosity in question, implied that the price of the vehicle will be determined on the date of traffic. Making important statements on the subject in the past days, Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş pointed out that the price of the vehicle will be determined by the market.

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