Togg Introduced Sedan Model!

The countdown has begun for the domestic car Togg, which has been working since 2019. Togg, which has recently accelerated its efforts to be included among the electric car models that continue to increase its market share rapidly after the restriction on the production of vehicle models with internal combustion engines, due to both economic reasons, zero carbon principle, the chip crisis and other factors, has brought new developments to the consumer. keeps coming out.

Due to the completion of the Gemlik Plant, it was recently announced that the trial production of Togg’s C segment SUV model would begin. With a new information from the facility in the past days, it was noted that the body paint was removed and the assembly of the body area was completed in the assembly section of the facility. Continuing its development in line with the plans so far, Togg will be able to reach its target of going to traffic in 2023 if it goes this way.

While the work for Togg’s C-segment SUV model continues, a share made on the company’s official Twitter account excited both consumers and industry representatives. Giving the good news about the sedan model, Togg introduced its new vehicle to the public today.

Announced on July 18!

Togg, who shared a post on his official Twitter account on July 18, excited everyone. Sharing the front photo of the sedan model, Togg said, “Shall we meet face to face?” He hinted that he was preparing a surprise with his note.

Met with the People Today!

Two days after the sharing, Togg, who brought his surprise to the public, introduced the Sedan model, which will start the production process after the C segment SUV model. Sedan model of the domestic car Togg, which was introduced at Zorlu Center at 10:00, was highly appreciated.

Sedan Model Fascinated With Its Appearance!

The features of the Sedan model, which was introduced to the public today, began to be questioned frequently. At first sight, the Sedan model, which managed to attract attention with its shoulder lines extending to the back, has an illuminated Togg logo on it. While the wheels continue to have the tulip feature, as in Togg’s SUV model, it is seen that the windshield is specially designed to be compatible with the electric car.

The rear seats of the Sedan model, in which a light-colored leather is used on the front seats, draws attention with a darker leather. The seat belts of the sedan model were chosen in blue to represent freedom.

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