Togg Has Been Exhibited In Turkey!

The addition of factors such as the chip crisis, the problems in the supply of some spare parts and the deterioration of the ecological balance day by day, on top of the sudden rises in the exchange rates and the gold market, led to a radical change in the automotive industry.

With the new era, the effect of negative developments in the economy markets and other agenda topics, the restriction in the production of gasoline and diesel equipped vehicles enabled both vehicle manufacturers and drivers to turn to electric vehicle models.

With all these developments in the automotive industry, new news about electric vehicle models started to appear in the press almost every day. At this point, Togg, our national pride, was at the forefront of the news about the electric vehicle industry, both in our country’s agenda and in the world’s agenda.

The developments in the domestic car Togg began to be followed closely by the automotive industry and other citizens. At this point, the development of the domestic automobile, which fell like a bombshell, took place at the Economy and Climate Change Summit, which was held for the first time in Turkey.

Domestic Car Togg Is On The Turkish Stage For The First Time!

The domestic car Togg, which has managed to enter the agenda of the world’s automotive industry for a while and is eagerly awaited by both our citizens and citizens of other countries, took its place on the Turkish stage for the first time after the international stages.

The domestic car Togg, which was exhibited at the ECO CLIMATE: Economy and Climate Change Summit held for the first time in Turkey, met with intense interest from the fair participants.

Togg Will Be On The Ankara Stage One More Day!

Organized under the leadership of Ankara Chamber of Commerce, the Economy and Climate Change Summit started today at ATO Congresium. The summit, which will host thousands of participants, will continue tomorrow. All participants who want to see the domestic car Togg live will be able to visit the summit for one more day.

Togg Evaluation by High School Students!

Vocational high school students attending the Economy and Climate Change Summit evaluated the domestic car Togg on the stage. Stating that the Togg is a magnificent vehicle with both its appearance and other technical features, the students said that they could not take their eyes off the vehicle.

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