TOGG entrepreneurs debut

Entrepreneurs who receive training in the Mobility Acceleration Program graduate. TOGG and Bilişim Vadisi bring entrepreneurs and investors together.

The Mobility Accelerator Program, launched in partnership with TOGG, Turkey’s global technology brand serving in the field of Mobility, and IT Valley, Turkey’s technology and innovation base, is experiencing the excitement of graduation. 10 entrepreneurs, who successfully completed the intensive training and mentoring program that started on April 6, will be showcased on June 14.


Mobility Acceleration Program was launched in order to contribute to the development of the mobility ecosystem in Turkey and to provide training and mentorship to entrepreneurs operating in this field and developing projects. More than 850 applications were received for the program prepared by Togg with Bilişim Vadisi.

47 initiatives received acceptance from the program by the Mobility Working Group and Togg mentors. Intensive technical mentoring was offered to these entrepreneurs by the R&D companies in the valley for 8 weeks. In addition, trainings on many subjects from mobility to big data, from blockchain to cybersecurity, from artificial intelligence to gamification, from light materials to sustainability, from smart grids to energy solutions were given by experts.


In addition to increasing the technological levels of the products, the program focused on increasing the technology readiness levels of the operational processes of the enterprises. Access to application platforms was provided so that they could test their products. Initial meetings with potential customers were planned and preliminary meetings were held with investors for ventures ready for investment.

On June 14, the final of the acceleration program will be held in Bilişim Vadisi. Industry and Technology Minister Varank will also attend the program. On the final day, 10 entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program will take the stage. Startups will try to get investment by promoting their ventures to mutual funds and potential customers.

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