TOGG design has been changed!

The design of our national car TOGG has been changed! The design changes for TOGG, which we saw at the prototype stage before it was released and the factory construction continues these days, stood out.

Changes were made to the TOGG design before mass production!

While the factory work on TOGG, which was introduced in December 2019, continues without slowing down, a sharing came from the official Twitter account of Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group today. Those who looked carefully at this post saw a change. In this change, it was noticed that a few changes were made in the vehicle, which was the first introduced prototype.

When you look at the vehicle carefully, these details will make you happy. It seems to be a traditional change. Now, let’s examine that photo and present you the points of change in TOGG design.

The prototype vehicle did not have mirrors. The cameras placed in its place and the side mirrors were followed from the screen inside. Dakat, this situation will not be loved so much that a return to the traditional side mirrors has been made. The meaning of producing prototypes has already been fulfilled to its fullest extent.

Correcting the unpopular points in the prototype stage was a really interesting point. We can say that it is a really good development especially for TOGG, which we will produce locally and nationally in Bursa Gemlik.

Let’s come to another TOGG design change was in the L-shaped front fog light section. The fog lights, which were previously designed vertically, have been changed to round in the latest shared photo. These two changes stand out in this photo shared from the TOGG Twitter account.

Immediately there are those who wrote that picture and this picture shared on Twitter.

“Our prototype testing processes are progressing in line with our plans. Our aerodynamic and aeroacoustic tests were carried out today.


You can also use the link here to view this post on TOGG Twitter. In addition, the details of changes in the TOGG design were not overlooked by careful followers. Do you think there has been a change in this place? The traditional mirror is also in place with us. We are waiting your comments.

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