Togg Creates Excitement With Its New Post

New images came from the facility of Togg, Turkey’s and Europe’s first born electric SUV model, established in Gemlik. The sharing on Togg’s official social media account created excitement…

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg) brand name domestic and national electric car production work continues. The Togg C-SUV model, which is eagerly awaited by millions of citizens, will be released in 2023. The final stages have been reached in the construction of the facility, which was established in the Gemlik district of Bursa, the factory where Togg will be produced.

Togg’s official social media account continues to make important and remarkable posts about the completion of this factory. The new images shared with the “Stay tuned” note from Togg excited millions of citizens. The latest images of the work carried out at the Gemlik facility attracted great attention on social media.

Video Sharing from Togg

The domestic car Togg, which has received wide coverage in the world press lately, continues to attract all attention. Lastly, Togg participated in the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES 2022) held in Las Vegas, USA, where it made its first promotion in the international arena.

Introducing itself to the automotive world with the presentation of Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş, the Togg brand continues to work. While Togg’s official social media account continues to work without slowing down, he shared a video with the message “Stay tuned”.

Using social media actively, the Togg team shares new images about the automobile and its factory, which is expected to be released in 2023. The team, who shared a video about the most recently completed works from the factory in Gemlik, said, “If you are curious about the works we have completed, you can watch our video.” used the phrases.

Sharing Togg Breaks Likes Record

The video sharing of Togg, which became one of the most watched and talked about social media in a short time, was showered with appreciation. Togg supporters and millions of people eagerly waiting for the domestic car on social media saw the latest situation in the factory.

It is expected that the Togg factory will be completed in the coming months and the production of the Togg C-SUV model will begin. Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş announced that the C-SUV model will be taken off the production line and put on sale in 2023, and that the C-Sedan model will be sold 18 months later.

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