Togg Coming: 99 Percent Complete!

With the effect of the upward movements of the economic markets, exorbitant prices began to be encountered in the automotive sector, as in many areas. The increase in spare parts also directly affected the sales prices of the vehicles.

In addition, the chip crisis that emerged with the coronavirus, which has been in our lives since 2020, and which caused a lot of losses in its first year, even though its losses have been almost zero with the effect of vaccines and community immunity in recent months, was one of the factors affecting the vehicle production process and the prices of the vehicles. .

While the production of gasoline and diesel cars was interrupted from time to time due to the chip crisis, the environmental damage caused by the carbon emission of the relevant vehicle groups also caused a decrease in the production of gasoline and diesel cars. In the light of all these developments, increasing electric car production, a new market has emerged and thus the race of the manufacturer companies has started in this competitive market.

He announced that he will be involved in the competition between companies with his domestic and innate electric car, Togg. The Gemlik facility, where mass production will be carried out with the test process that has been going on for months, has finally started to come to an end. Finally, Togg announced on his official Twitter account that 99 percent of the works were completed.

New Post from Togg!

Making a new post about the construction works of the Gemlik Facility, which has been going on for a while, Togg excited the millions waiting for the domestic vehicle to go into mass production. In the video shared with the note “Stay tuned”, it was seen that the works of the facility were nearing the end. In addition, the company said, “Works at our Gemlik facility are progressing in line with our plans. Details of the work done this month are in our video.” He gave his good news by making another written post.

99 Percent Complete!

According to the information obtained, 99 percent of the hull facility has been completed and trial production has begun. In addition, the compressed air system and welding machine electrical lines were also completed.

98 percent OK!

According to other information obtained about the Gemlik Facility, it was learned that 98 percent of the assembly facility was completed. In addition, it was noted that the final stage in the installation of the equipment has been passed and the works for the commissioning of the lines have started.

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