Togg Charging Station Company Establishes!

Turkey, which is preparing to enter the electric car market with the domestic and born electric Togg, has accelerated its infrastructure works. Turkey, which has started to strengthen the infrastructure of roads both for the domestic car Togg and the number of electric cars increasing day by day, and in this direction, started the construction of charging stations, also received support from Togg.

Togg will enter the market in the first three months of 2023. A statement came from the company, which aims to complete the charging stations before Togg starts to be on the roads. Making statements on behalf of the company, Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated that Togg will establish a company for charging stations.

Togg CEO Joins the Panel!

Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, who has been on the agenda recently with the statements he made about Togg’s technical features and production processes, recently attended the 21st Forum Istanbul Conferences panel, which was organized under the title of “2050 Horizon Towards 2023”. . Making statements about the automotive industry and Togg during the panel, CEO Karakaş stated that the rules of the game in the industry have now changed and this is due to the expectations of the consumers.

Company Description from the CEO!

Expressing that the infrastructure work for the charging stations, which is a short time before Togg hits the road, has gained momentum, CEO Karakaş stated that these works actually started 2 years ago. Stating that the ministries and his teammates in Ankara follow the infrastructure works, CEO Karakaş used the following statements in his statements: “As Togg, we decided to establish a company for charging stations.

With this company that we will establish, we have taken action to create an infrastructure for traveling from one end of Turkey to the other. We need a thousand charging stations across the country in total. We have now placed the orders. After the procurement phase of the charging stations, we continue to work on the regions where the stations will be established.”

Two Separate Calculations Will Be Made!

Expressing that two separate issues should be addressed under the title of range, CEO Karakaş stated that calculations will be made according to 300 km range and 500 km range. Karakaş stated that they aim to have a charging station every 25 kilometers in areas with heavy traffic and every 50 kilometers in areas with less traffic.

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