Togg Caught In Camouflage In Germany!

Our domestic car, Togg, which is eagerly awaited to come off the production line, was spotted on the streets of Germany with its camouflage.

Togg On The Roads In Germany!

Domestic car Togg, one of the national prides of our country, continues to complete the test stages one by one. Finally, the domestic car, which was tested in harsh weather conditions and sharp bends, was caught on spy cameras on the streets of Germany this time. The website INSIDEEVs shared photos of Togg taken by spy cameras.

INSIDEEVs, which shared the images captured by the spy camera while driving our domestic car Togg, which has been in mass production for a very short time, with its camouflage on the streets of Germany, gave important information about Togg. In the news made by the website, it was stated that the displayed Togg looked different than the one exhibited for the first time in 2019.

Stating that the protruding part of the rear part of our domestic car Togg has been considerably reduced compared to its 2019 state, the website reported that there is a more vertical positioning on the rear window of the vehicle. He also stated in the INSIDEEVs article that Togg’s rear and front differential designs were also changed.

The Countdown Has Started For The Togg Factory!

The countdown has begun for our domestic and national car, the Togg, which has equipment and visual design, which has a great impact both in our country and in the world press. Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, who attended an event recently, stated that Togg’s Gemlik factory, where mass production will be made, will open on October 29.

Togg’s Release Date and Long-Term Plan of the Project Announced!

Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş talked about Togg’s descent from the tape and the long-term plans of the Togg project at the event he attended. Stating that Togg will be seen on the streets as of March 2023, CEO Karakaş stated that the demands for the vehicle have not started to be collected yet, and that there is a little more time to start this process. Stating that they will evaluate the demands for the domestic car Togg after the second half of the year, CEO Karakaş also touched on the long-term plans of the Togg project.

Stating that the Togg project will cover a period of 15 years, Karakaş stated that it is aimed to produce 5 different models in total in this process. Stating that the Togg process, which will start with the C segment SUV, will continue with the C segment sedan, Karakaş drew attention to the transition to the B segment SUV.

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