TOGG Boss Speaks: Anyone Who Wants Can Get It!

The production phase of Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) brand automobiles, which millions of citizens await with excitement in Turkey, continues. M. Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of TOGG, who gave an interview to the press, made important statements about production, sales, charging and dealer infrastructure. The most authoritative name of TOGG gave the good news by saying that citizens who want to have the first produced TOGGs.

Can Citizens Buy TOGG?

The most important issue that leaves a question mark about TOGG is the production and sales costs of the vehicle. Answering questions on this subject, Karakaş said that he has been discussing the price issue with his team for 1.5 years and that the pricing will be competitive compared to the level of the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023: “The conditions at that time will determine the price. In terms of quantity, the public has an agreement to purchase 30 thousand units from us in 15 years.”

Expecting that the first TOGG domestic car will not be purchased in bulk, CEO Gürcan Karakaş said: “I don’t think they will buy it in bulk in the first place. They don’t want it anyway. Therefore, the first vehicles we will produce will reach everyone.”

1 Million Vehicles to be Produced by 2030

TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş said that they plan to produce 1 million 80 thousand vehicles in 5 different segments by 2030. He gave the following information about the change of this by years and segment planning: “First, we determined the annual production as 100 thousand units and the next production as 175 thousand units. But in case of high demand, we can increase our capacity very quickly 3 months in advance. Our first productions will start with the C-SUV, and in the following period, we will have B-SUV and sedan models.”

All suppliers were determined in TOGG production. Under current conditions, 75 percent of TOGG suppliers are domestic, while 25 percent are foreign. Karakaş, who stated that they will go to the market with a 51 percent domestic rate in the first stage, added: “We have a target of 68 percent locality in 3 years. We will strive to localize strategic technologies. Our investments in this regard have already started.”

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