TOGG Battery Boost

TOGG Battery Boost: The steps accelerate in the TOGG adventure. Farasis, which will produce the vehicle’s battery, has developed a new generation of battery cells for electric vehicles with high energy density. Thanks to the new technology, the charging time for electric cars is reduced to under 20 minutes.

The range of electric cars will increase by 25 percent, the charging time to reach 80 percent of the battery capacity will be reduced to less than 20 minutes.

Work continues in Bursa, where the Turkish car is produced. Farasis, the strategic business partner of Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group, which conducts TOGG development studies, announced that it has developed new generation battery cells for electric vehicles with a higher energy density than current ones.

The performance of the new cells, which was also confirmed by independent tests, was reported to be 25 percent higher than that of the 3rd generation cells.

It was announced by TOGG’s social media account with the message “Farasis has raised the bar in battery technology”. This increases the range of electric cars with the new 4th generation battery cells by 25 percent.

TOGG and Farasis announced their collaboration in October 2020. TOGG, which has an agreement with Farasis, one of the Li-ion battery manufacturers, is expected to produce TOGG’s battery module and package in this context in Turkey.

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