Togg Announces It Is Prepared For Mass Production With Robots!

The global automotive industry’s restriction in the production of diesel and gasoline vehicles enabled the vehicle production route to be converted to electric vehicles. In this context, while new news about electric vehicle production from different countries of the world continue to come almost every day, Togg, the national pride of our country in electric vehicle production, announced that there are innovations on the basis of production.

Accelerating its production work with the start of the new year, Togg was exhibited at the CES fair held in America at the beginning of the year and was chosen as the 6th best vehicle in the world. After this impressive success of Togg, the vehicle production process began to be closely followed by both the citizens of the country and the members of the automotive sector of other countries.

Company officials, who shared every development on the basis of Togg on their official Twitter account, finally announced that Togg was prepared for mass production by means of robots.

Published on Social Media Account!

Togg’s newly established factory in Gemlik, which is known to have the cleanest content in the world both in the production process and in other processes, continues its work on the production of domestic automobiles without slowing down.

According to the news published on Togg’s official website yesterday, it was shared with the public that part-free production was started by means of robots in the Gemlik factory. The announcement that approximately 160 robots have started the body design rehearsals excited automotive industry officials and citizens who want to own Togg.

Test Phases are Nearly Completed!

Togg officials, who carried out the testing stages of the domestic car with great care in order not to encounter any problems, had subjected the car to a new test at -40 degrees air temperature about two weeks ago.

The test process, which was carried out in order to understand whether the car is ready for harsh weather conditions, resulted in Togg’s success. Published video footage proved that the domestic car was quite successful in maneuvering even in snowy weather.

Serti is very close to production!

Togg, which has a very short time to complete the test stages, is planned to start mass production as of December and to be put on sale as of the beginning of 2023.

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