Togg Announces Collaboration With Plug And Play!

Manufacturers who changed and transformed their production processes within the framework of factors such as the rise of the economy markets, the decision of the country’s governments to invest in green transformation and the deep impact of the coronavirus epidemic that started in 2020 on the automotive industry, announced that electric car production should be made frequently. In this direction, the news of electric cars coming from both new and well-established manufacturers almost every day made the automotive industry live active days.

While the electric car projects, which have been going on for a while but have become more frequent in the last months, are dragging the production channels of the countries in a completely different direction, they accelerated their work for the domestic car Togg in Turkey, which is making a breakthrough in order to have a say in the relevant market. It has been announced that Togg will serve in different areas, while the work for the domestic and innate electric car Togg, which has been working since 2019 and is planned to start mass production as of this year, continues at full speed.

Making statements within the scope of an organization he attended recently, Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated that Togg has a much different mission and vision than being an automobile manufacturer, and that some steps have been taken in this direction and that the company will achieve worldwide success. One of the steps confirming the statements of Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş has been announced as of this month.

Agreed with Togg Innovation Platform!

Togg, one of the domestic and national prides of our country, continues to take new steps. The domestic company, which is preparing to start mass production at the end of the year, has taken important steps to operate in different fields. Aiming to create a user-oriented mobility ecosystem from the beginning, Togg announced that it has collaborated with Plug and Play, the world’s largest and most important innovation platform.

International Start-Ups Will Be Supported!

The collaboration of Togg and Plug and Play succeeded to arouse great interest in the world press. According to the statements made, international start-ups will be supported in many different areas within the scope of the cooperation of the two companies. These supports, which will be provided within the scope of the Mobility Acceleration Program, will cover areas such as mentoring, financial consultancy and project development.

New Membership from Togg!

Collaborating with Plug and Play, Togg will become a member of Startup Autobahn, the innovation platform supported by the company, and within the scope of this membership, Togg will take an active role in mobility with international players.

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