Togg and Bilişim Vadisi brought 10 Entrepreneurs and Investors together!

Togg, one of the domestic companies of our country, continues to experience great excitement not only for the domestic vehicle it introduced to the market in the new period, but also for different subjects.

Togg, which is preparing to prove itself in categories such as electric vehicle battery production and charging station tenders, has witnessed another development. The result was achieved in the Mobility Accelerator Program organized in partnership with Togg and Bilişim Vadisi, which was announced in the past months.

Students, who have been studying under the Mobility Accelerator Program for a while, appeared before the investors with the graduation ceremony held yesterday. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank also attended the ceremony.

Over 850 Applications Received!

A training was planned under the title of “Mobility Acceleration Program” in order to contribute to the development of the mobility ecosystem in our country and to provide mentorship and training to entrepreneurs who continue their activities in the relevant field and develop projects. More than 850 applications were submitted to the program organized in cooperation with Bilişim Vadisi and Togg.

Started on April 6th!

More than 850 applications made for the Mobility Accelerator Program, which was planned in cooperation with Informatics Valley, were evaluated and 47 entrepreneurs who could be successful in this context were included in the program. The program, which started on April 6, continued with intensive training and mentoring classes.

In the program, in which 47 entrepreneurs were included in total, technical mentoring support was given intensively through R&D companies for 8 weeks. In addition, an intensive training program was organized by experts under many topics such as mobility, big data, blockchain, cyber security, artificial intelligence, gamification, light materials, sustainability, smart grid, energy solutions.

Within the scope of the Mobility Accelerator Program, increasing the technological readiness levels within the operational processes of the mentioned initiatives was also considered as an important topic. Application platforms were established for entrepreneurs to test their products and access support was provided to the relevant platforms.

They Gathered Yesterday!

Mobility Accelerator Program, which includes 47 startups, made its final as of yesterday. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank also participated in the event where 10 entrepreneurs were put on the stage in total. Prepared initiatives were introduced to potential customers and investment funds within the scope of the event.

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