Togg and Akıncı SİHA Models Will Be Exhibited at Dubai Expo

President Erdoğan will also go to Dubai after his meeting in Abu Dhabi during his visit to the United Arab Emirates. The excitement of Dubai Expo 2020, which is held every 5 years and has a great reputation around the world, begins. 192 countries will participate in Dubai Expo 2020, the meeting place of culture and trade.

President Erdogan will visit the fair on the second day of his contacts with the United Arab Emirates and will open the national day of Turkey. Dubai Expo Turkey Commissioner General Mükerrem Aksoy once again reminded how important the event, which is held every 5 years, is. The fair, which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic in the past years, will again be held with the participation of 192 countries.

Togg and Akıncı SİHA Models in the Exhibition Area

Domestic car Togg and Akıncı SİHA models will be introduced in Turkey’s exhibition area at Dubai Expo 2020. Stating that every country has a national day at the Expos, Aksoy pointed out that President Erdoğan will attend a national day for the first time. Expressing that they will take part in the fair with a slogan stating that they shape the future as Turkey, Aksoy made the following statements:

“Our motto is: ‘We shape the future from the zero point of civilization’ We say, ‘As Turkey, we shape the future’, referring to Göbeklitepe. All sectors are promoted at the Expo. We inform the visitors about our sectors. We exhibit models of Togg and Akıncı Siha in our exhibition area.” President Erdoğan will inaugurate Turkey’s National Day at the Dubai Expo 2020, where 192 countries will take part as participants.

President Erdogan at the National Day Opening

The national day to be inaugurated by President Erdogan has been determined on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. As part of the national day, a flag ceremony will be held and the anthems of the two countries will be played. During his visit, President Erdoğan will be accompanied by the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

A model of the domestic electric car Togg will take place at the Dubai Expo 2020 fair. Taking the stage at the CES 2022 fair held in Las Vegas, USA in the first week of January, Togg will appear in one of the biggest fairs of the East this time. At the same time, a model of Akıncı SİHA, one of the most striking vehicles of the Turkish defense industry, will be exhibited at the fair. Apart from this, a fashion show made from waste materials will also be staged in the exhibition.

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