The Industry Will Completely Change With Togg

As in the rest of the world, the sales of electric and hybrid cars in Turkey have started to gain more shares in the automotive sector. Increasing its share in the market day by day, electric cars attract the attention of citizens. According to the latest statements on the subject, electric car sales increased by 352 percent, according to data from the Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association (TEHAD).

Experts think that with Togg, which we will see on the roads in 2023, the industry will be dominated by fully electric cars. It is stated that the Togg project will also contribute to encouraging the transition to electric cars. Climate change and the cost increase in fossil fuels are driving consumers to buy electric cars.

Electric Car Sales Increase

As in many parts of the world, the share of electric car sales in the market is increasing day by day in Turkey. It was stated that while 2 thousand 849 electric cars were sold in 2021, 20 thousand 915 hybrid models were sold.

Looking at these data, it can be seen that the market share of electric and hybrid motor vehicles has increased compared to the previous year. Looking at the data for 2020, 17,780 hybrid and electric vehicles were sold in Turkey. Berkan Bayram, President of the Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association, said that sales rates in Turkey have increased compared to last year.

“Incentives Need to Increase in Turkey”

TEHAD President Berkan Bayram said that incentives should be given for consumers to turn to electric and hybrid vehicles. Expressing that electric car sales will accelerate with these incentives, Bayram said that serious incentives are made for electric vehicles in many parts of the world.

Emphasizing that such incentive programs have not yet been implemented in our country, Bayram reminded that there is a need for encouraging studies: “Unfortunately, there is no incentive for electric vehicles in our country. Many countries seriously encourage the purchase of these vehicles. In many countries with high sales of electric vehicles, zero tax is applied to these vehicles.”

TEHAD President Berkan Bayram stated that various studies, especially tax regulation, should be carried out in order to encourage the sales of electric cars in Turkey. On the other hand, sector representatives think that the sector will gain momentum with the domestic car Togg, which will hit the roads in 2023.

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