Tesla and TOGG comparison

We are there with the Tesla and TOGG comparison items. The highly anticipated Turkish car attack was TOGG, which was launched in December 2019. Everyone was enthusiastic about this development and the electrically produced TOGG was compared with other electric cars.

As is well known, Tesla is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to electric cars. Today we compare the TOGG electric car, which is produced in the same class, with Tesla. I created this article to see more clearly who our domestic car is competing with in the market. Let’s take a look at our comparison which allows us to see the strength of TOGG compared to other auto cars as the domestic auto side.

Tesla versus TOGG

The table below will give us information for the TOGG and Tesla comparison. Almost all information on equipment, battery capacity, battery life, etc. is included in the comparison with you.In the table we have compared the Tesla X model and the C-SUV model for TOGG. Let’s examine this table.

When we say that it comes onto the market with values ​​that come very close to its competitor in the TOGG and Tesla comparison. Of course, it doesn’t seem possible to compete with Tesla, which is currently at the forefront of electric cars. But going forward, TOGG’s success, which is close enough to say why not, is obvious. Our entry into the market at this level means that we will not lag behind in the automotive industry. We always have to show our support for this.

For comparison with the video;

Such comparisons will continue. Let’s keep supporting TOGG’s electric cars, which marks the beginning of a new era in our country. In the meantime, please check our comparison with Günsel, Cyprus’ native car. TOGG vs. Daily comparison article is yours ..

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