Students Inspired by Togg Produced Electric Vehicles

Turkey’s domestic and electric car Togg is awaited with great excitement. While the excited wait continues for Togg, which is expected to take its place on the roads in 2023, Trakya University students produced electric vehicles.

In the project, which is shown as a competitor to the domestic car Togg, the “Pehlivan Team” of 15 people took special permission and held workshops during the pandemic. As a result, an electric car capable of speeding up to 85 kilometers in just 8 months was produced.

Students studying at the departments of mechanical, computer and electrical engineering at Trakya University produced an electric car inspired by Togg. The team of 15 people drew all the attention with the production of electric cars in just 8 months. The captain of the Pehlivan Team, Enes Çetin, said about the electric car they produced, “We supply the materials, but the production is entirely our own. We manufacture nearly 90 percent of it from carbon fiber material, including the chassis.” used the phrases.

Electric Vehicle Project from University Students

The Pehlivan Team team, which was established in 2013 within the body of Trakya University, continues to come to the fore with various successful projects until today. The team, which developed a solar-powered vehicle project in 2014, produced an electric vehicle under the name ‘Pehlivan Elekrak’ in 2016.

Taking their success in this field to the next level, the team developed a project for a new vehicle in 20202. Continuing to work with special permission from the governorship and university during the pandemic period, the team worked day and night for 8 months and brought the electric car to life.

While the car designed by the team reached a speed of 85 kilometers, the 3rd year mechanical engineering student team captain Enes Çetin summarized this process as follows: “We got permission from the governor’s office and our school and worked in our workshop. We had a very difficult process, there were those who could not come, those who were sick. This process has been difficult for us. There were times when we worked for days, hours, maybe 48 hours without sleep. We worked for about 8 months to produce the new vehicle. We were working on weekends.”

“We Want To Be Like Togg”

Stating that they are working to make the electric vehicle sensitive to the environment, Çetin stated that they aim to produce these vehicles and be in better places in the future. Opening a separate parenthesis for Togg, Çetin said, “TOGG is a very big organization, they are doing very well.

We want to achieve these things as much as we can and be like them in the future. Our goal is; To be beneficial to our country, our nation, like TOGG, and to bring our country to the best places.” said.

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