Significant Transfer to Siro, Manufacturer of Togg Batteries

Domestic car Togg is getting ready to take its place on the roads by getting off the production line at the end of this year. In this process, an important move came from the battery manufacturing company, which is important with Togg. Two serious changes took place in the management of Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Storage Technologies company, which is expected to do great things with Togg.

The domestic automobile company, which started its activities under the brand name of Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg), had established a partnership with China-based Farasis Energy. A new transfer has come to the fore in Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Storage Technologies company, which started operating within the scope of this partnership. Developing energy storage solutions for non-automotive applications, especially electric cars, in Turkey and surrounding countries, this company has already started to attract attention.

Siro Senior Managers Changed

New appointments have been made to senior executives of Siro company. This change, which was made in the focus of managers with international experience, attracted great attention in the sector. In this context, N. Özgür Özel became the Commercial General Manager of the company. Zafer Kara, one of the experienced names, was appointed to the position of Technical General Manager. Past experiences of brands such as Volkswagen and Fiat stand out in the careers of both senior executives.

Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş made statements about these appointments made in the management of Siro company, which was walking with Togg. Wishing the managers such as Özel and Kara success in their new duties, Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş said: “As in Togg, we continue our determination to bring the values ​​with global experience to our project at Siro as well.”

High Career Executives Appointed

On the other hand, Farasis Energy Co-Founder, CTO and Vice Chairman of Siro, Dr. Keith Kepler commented on the assignments. Noting that Siro, one of the most important partnerships of Farasis company outside of China in the coming years, has become even stronger with these new appointments, Kepler wished the managers success in their duties.

Siro is expected to play an important role in the battery market and offer high-end energy storage solutions to Europe. The appointment of executives with at least 25 years of international experience to the company was met with great interest in the sector.

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