Rough construction of TOGG Factory will be completed in one month

The construction of TOGG’s factory established in Gemlik is expected to be completed in 1 month. The construction works of the factory, which is planned to be ready for production by the end of 2022, are progressing within the plan. So, what was done in the automobile that will be produced for 1 year and in the factory where the production will be made? Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group shared the work done for a year and the point reached.

Accordingly, a letter of intent was signed with Farasis on battery technology. It has become the 6th country to produce batteries for passenger cars. A range advantage was provided with the nickel-rich battery chemistry. Production is planned for use in energy storage and in different sectors. A roadmap has been created for the development and production of innovative cells in Turkey. The technical and equipment list of the innately electric platform has been completed.

Electrical architecture, battery, and powertrain design have been completed. Virtual packaging, ergonomics, performance and safety simulations have been completed. Virtual and physical prototypes were created. Advanced driver support systems connectivity architecture was created. Design and engineering integration is 90 percent complete. Interior and exterior color combinations, pattern and material selections have been completed.


Design registration has been obtained for the ALINDIC-SUV model in 32 different countries. A design studio started to be established in TOGG Bilişim Vadisi office. The supplier selections for the C-SUV model have been completed. 104 suppliers, 75 percent of which are located in Turkey, were selected. Suppliers from the electronics and defense industries were included in the mobility ecosystem. The participation of start-up companies in the supplier pool was encouraged.


Mobility concept has been registered to TOGG globally. Work has begun on establishing the core of the mobility ecosystem. 200 start-ups, 85 percent of which were domestic, were evaluated and discussed. Confidentiality agreements were signed with 50 start-ups. Work started with 9 start-ups. Studies have been initiated on data integration and processing with institutions. Work has been initiated with relevant stakeholders for the widespread charging infrastructure. The number of employees, which was 113, reached 280.

According to the statement made by Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group, the construction works at TOGG Gemlik Facility, which is defined as “more than a factory” with its functions, smart and environmental features, gathered under the same roof, won the first place. completed the year. At the end of a year, the company started the construction works with ground improvement and started the roofing process. The production of ground reinforcement columns reached 24,400. Ground reinforcements for energy, paint and body buildings have been completed. Concrete pouring has begun.

Procurement of machinery and equipment for production lines has begun. Roofing of the entire facility has been completed. 11 thousand tons of steel was installed at the paint facility. 20 thousand square meters of roof panel installation has been completed. 10 thousand square meters of blind formwork was installed. Paint tanks have started to be placed for the production line. 4,900 tons of steel was assembled at the hull facility. 13 thousand square meters of roof panel installation has been completed.

7 thousand 300 square meters of blind formwork was installed. 7 thousand 800 tons of steel was assembled at the assembly facility. 13 thousand 50 square meters of iron were connected. 38 thousand square meters of roof panels were installed. As infrastructure works, 2 thousand meters of rain water line was built. 3 thousand 500 meters of waste water line was built. 830 meters of culvert manufacturing has been completed. The production of 2 thousand 500 meters of perimeter wall has been completed. 185 thousand cubic meters of excavation was done. 136 thousand cubic meters of filling was done. Vehicle test track production has started.


During one-year construction work, the basic strengthening works of purification, assembly, energy, paint, body, entrance and battery units were completed and superstructure works were started. With the establishment of production and assembly lines at the TOGG Gemlik Facility, where long-term equipment orders are placed, it is aimed to get the first serial car off the line in the last quarter of 2022. When the annual production capacity of the facility reaches 175 thousand units, employment will be provided for a total of 4 thousand 300 people.


all basic iron and concrete manufacturing has been completed in one year at the TOGG Gemlik Facility. 60 percent of steel column manufacturing and 57 percent of structural steel manufacturing have been completed. While the basic iron and concrete constructions were completed at the body facility, 95 percent progress was achieved in prefabricated column manufacturing and 52 percent in structural steel manufacturing.

In the assembly facility, 97 percent of the basic iron production, 90 percent of the foundation concrete production, 67 percent of the prefabricated column production and all of the sub-foundation insulation were completed. In the energy facility, basic iron and concrete production is finished. The rough construction of the factory established in Gemlik is expected to be completed in one month. The plant is scheduled to be ready for mass production by the end of 2022.

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