Preparation for Togg: Applications for the Charging Stations Grant Program Has Started!

The changing services with the development of technology and accordingly the differentiation of needs led the automotive industry to turn towards different production areas. The recent sudden increases in exchange rates, the chip crisis caused by the pandemic that has been in our lives for more than two years, the damage caused by vehicle models with internal combustion engines to nature both during the production process and during driving have led the industry to turn to electric vehicle models, which are more advantageous in every way.

In these days when world automotive giants come to the fore with the development of a new electric vehicle almost every day, our country is preparing to enter the market with the domestic car Togg. Togg, which was introduced to the participants at the CES Fair held in the United States and later at the Ecology Summit held in Ankara, with the start of the new year, succeeded in arousing great repercussions both in our country and in the world press.

State officials, who foresee that the number of electric cars in the country will increase with the introduction of domestic cars on the roads, announced that they have developed a grant support program for electric vehicle charging stations, which will increase day by day. Making statements specific to the program in question, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank drew attention to important details.

Grant Support Program Applications Started!

It is thought that the production of vehicle models with internal combustion engines will be stopped in about 10 years, as the world automotive industry is increasingly turning to electric vehicle production. In this context, the Republic of Turkey, which wants our country’s infrastructure to be ready for electric vehicles, has started working under the related topic.

The grant program for electric vehicle charging stations, which was heralded by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the past weeks, started to accept applications with the last-minute statement of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank.

Details of the Charging Stations Grant Support Program Have Been Announced!

Along with the schedule published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the details of the support program became clear. The Ministry stated that grant support of up to 250 thousand TL will be given to investors who meet the relevant conditions, and that the said support program is also valid for 81 provinces.

Electric Vehicles Will Be Used in 600 Districts in 3 Years!

In the support program schedule published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it was stated that in 2025, electric vehicles will be used in 600 districts where 90 percent of the country’s population lives.

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