Pre-order declaration from TOGG

A pre-order declaration came from TOGG yesterday. There was a lot of news about the pre-order to the public, but no clear statement was made. The statement made yesterday was made for those who are waiting for TOGG. The rumors about the pre-order do not reflect the truth.

Now let’s get into the details of the news. The reason for the explanation was that TOGGl was opened for pre-order. The Turkish Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) issued a statement when this news circulated widely in public. This statement was shared on the official Twitter account and other official channels.

We will inform you of the details of the declaration as soon as possible. The details of the explanation are as follows. “After its presentation, we receive many messages and calls from Turkey and abroad for the Turkish automobile, which has won the great admiration and favor of our nation. Production, sales and marketing strategies of the Turkish automobile are meticulously carried out. Pre-order our president with very high moral value We ask people and institutions who would like to ask for official pre-orders of vehicles to follow the official statements of TOGG. ”

In other words, the result is that the pre-order is currently not received from anyone but President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Nobody’s pre-orders were accepted except for President Erdoğan, who made his contribution and led the way.

We wanted to present this statement to you as a picture.

The above official statement was shared on Twitter. The information shared via the official account also applies here. It was also ended so you can follow here. In other words, the questions about pre-ordering TOGG do not reflect the truth.

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